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  1. I just had an XP machine blow up on me that ran quite well for a couple of solid years with a Zoom 3025C, which is a voice modem, and as I say WORKED with 4.x and XP. Now I take the same modem, on a new machine w/Windows 7, IVM version 5.04, and my callers can't hear my OGMs. I can record fine, but no audio on OGM. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled sound drivers, tried all manner of configurations, and for some reason this modem won't play back sound properly! The troubleshooting pages all look like they're about 5 years old, none of the "purchase" links work for any of the recommended hardware, and no one seems to answer the posts in the modem forums. Did I just waste several hundred dollars buying the new version or is there really a modem that works with this software and Windows 7?
  2. I'm encountering a strange issue I'm hoping someone can shed some light on or assist me with my troubleshooting tree. I'm running IVM 4.20 on WinXP SP3, with a Zoom V.92 PCI Voice FAXModem (which is listed as a modem that works with this software). My users wish to have all calls with blocked CID sent to a special mailbox to deal with apart from the rest of their voicemails. The system worked beautifully until the middle of the day 9 days ago. I cannot isolate that anything materially changed, but after about mid-day on the 19th, every call that comes in is shown as having blocked caller id. I've tested several times without blocking my CID to be sure that all the calls really aren't blocked, and my calls show up as blocked. I've pushed the number of rings before answer up to 3, knowing that CID info comes in between ring 1 and 2, but that didn't help, and I had it at 2 rings before when it worked. I'm in the process of doing a system restore to the 18th, to see if that makes any difference at all, but I doubt it will. Has anyone else had issues with Zoom modems suddenly losing their ability to report CID information correctly?
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