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  1. If I try to transfer a call, i dial !<transfer call><number>! This works fine for us. i.e. !909125456559! but for international calls i need a pause such as !,011432235456771,! but the IVM only dials ! Is there a work around or anybody is facing the same faith? Thanks, LACA
  2. Hi Claudio, Nice to hear from you. I have no experiences with other IVR programs but I do find IVM powerful for my needs. I am able to easily integrate with databases and create complex ogms. However I have the feeling that there are other solutions out there much more powerful and maybe much more cheaper thanks to the open source community. I wonder if you have played before with Asterisx or Trixbox (very popular) or other commercial sofware similar to IVM. Another thing I find useful is the SIP lines but I am not able to make them work. They answer the call but do not respond to the DTMF. Are you familiar with that? One good point for IVM is the fast learning curve and easy configuration. Yes buggy but has a lot of documentation and at some point but I see it as the windows of the IVRs that productivity (on the short term) is there. Other systems require more time to learn and master however, once you know, solutions are robusts, scalable and powerful. laca.-
  3. nice Claudio, Nice soluiton and great explanation. Maybe for more complex languages, a plug in that uses the main ivm.exe program from cmd calls might work but there still a need to think about it.
  4. This "plugin" in nothing but coping the audios from customPromptsFolder to the default promps folder. This works fine for single callers. If you have multiple callers, it might not work properly.
  5. I can't beleive they haven't fix that yet. I had to write a plugin that sets the SystemPromptsFolder variable properly but I rather not use it. Is there a solution yet? I am using IVM 4.20
  6. nop. I don't know either how to use that plugin.- did you figure out how to use it? How do you recover the variable.
  7. Is there a way to repeat a saved variable (for example, an order_number variable) by using voice instead of TTS? Of course! Just check the checkbox under the advance tab form the OGM properties and check the first option (to read the variable out loud after your prompt) You need to put the variable name in the textbox WITHOUT the %%. there is a "payment" example here (http://www.nch.com.au/ivm/examples/payment.ivr) so you can see how it works.
  8. I've solve this on Windows XP by downloading the TTS Spanish pack from HERE: http://dplus.softonic.com/cdn-am-download/...yjPfHIkk1jHQ%3D or from here: http://microsoft-agent-spanish-pack.softonic.com/descargar It seems that this IVM software is kind of old with many many patches (called plugins) but apparently is stable and mature enough due its age. The OGM is ugly and it seems that it does not support a way to say a variable by using a wav file but a TTS (script) option.
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