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    SMS Auto Reply

    sorry to off the topic, Would like to ask any of you know any programme for SMS answering machine? What I need is simple, for all incoming SMS, would reply with a message (this would be very easy) & for specified sequence of incoming SMS, say 10th, would send different SMS. for example. the first 9 incoming SMS, would reply an SMS of try tomorrow the 10th incoming SMS, would reply with an SMS of win either PC or windows mobile application is ok. Thanks in advance.
  2. Me2, can't believe it's not fixed yet. Is it you have written a plugin for this??? is it possible for me to have a copy of it? Thanks in advance.
  3. already 2-3yrs, and many new updates, this problem how come is not solved yet. Hope in next release, it would be solved
  4. how to log? or what is the variable name to log?
  5. I need to read out the number,dollar and cents (including the number after decimal point). How can I set input * to replace the . in set local variable? & the system can read out the number correctly?
  6. I know how to add special log of the time accept the call, how about disconnected or the time of the current omg start? Thanks~
  7. Is it any possible way to to this and include it in the call log or report? Thanks
  8. OK. I don't know how to write. Then, I would try to ask someone to write a plugin. Anyway, still thanks~
  9. thank you for your reply what plugin I shall use? thanks in advance~
  10. Is it possible, let say, only accept 50 calls a day?
  11. Can I limit the number of wrong input? let say after 2 times wrong input, go to another OMG? and don't repeat the wrong input OGM message? thanks
  12. Anyone know to to use the rand.exe plugin is it can help play next ogm randomly & with preset%? I don't know how to write those argument. Anyone can help? thanks
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