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  1. Hello NCHTJ, Thank you for your reply. I finally figured it out, I must have hit the F-11 key which put the playback in Slo-motion. I hit normal speed in CONTROL and everything works fine. Thanks again. (dhdd).
  2. Hello, would someone advise me on how to correct this problem. When I playback an audio file there's a pause, then a millisecond of sound then a long pause again, the cursor locator skips a few seconds and then there's another millisecond of sound. This happens over and over.
  3. I just purchased my wavepad and I have to add that I'm a little stumped. So far I recorded speaking audio and have picked out alot of regions which I saved to audio files. Now I would like to rearrange these "clips" and end up w/ a re-arranged recording. Would someone walk me through this? signed, this is how I felt in the 6th grade when I was at the chalkboard and didn't know the answer.
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