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  1. I had a similar problem and I appreciate your time and efforts to try to solve this. I have an HPDV5t and the basic video capture program. I had hardly any sound on screen video capture, tried various setting and could not get it to work right.I tried the stereo cable solution you suggest but when I played my on screen video/audio recording back I had no sound at all. I think it had to do with my recording settings. I then found that I have the 'stereo mix' on my laptop (I never knew what that meant) and I clicked on that, I also turned off the webcam mic option.Then I tried my screen capture
  2. Hi, I just installed this software and wanted to record an online streaming video of a tv show from my laptop screen. As soon as I started the software, the streaming slowed down tremendously and basically almost came to a standstill. The software recorded the screen but as I said, the video wasn't moving.the audio was good. Is this a frame issue or something else? I run windows XP with SP2. I love the other software I downloaded from NCH, debut is the only software that does not seem to work 'out of the box'. Thank you, Anne
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