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  1. I have succeseful installed ip-phone D-Link DPH-300S as Axon extantion through the internet. By the way the scheme AxonPBX-----Router-----Internet------Router------Axon intenal ext. not so difficult to make. Everything ok, but after called number I hear a one continual long tone while called ext. not answer yet. Then we are speaking perfectly. Befor Axon the same telephone worked normally with inother hardware PBX. What do you think about this case? Thank you.
  2. Its misteked message. How to delete?
  3. Tony999

    "Free" edition

    Yes I know "Free" edition is restricted to a maximum of 10 extensions and 3 external lines. What is mean? I tested 15 extension and 5 external lines. And I can't feel any limits yet. What way it will be restricted?
  4. Tony999

    Silent Calls

    Now all Ok!!! Just forgot take on one of the options of Axon PBX. Working with STUN. Router is not nessesary forwarded ports.
  5. Tony999

    Silent Calls

    Like this, but when I phone is ok, when somebody phones from outside nobody can't hear and speak. Yes, I forwarding SIP 5060-5070 and range of RTP 16000-2000 ports (the same ports configured in Axon PBX). Also I use STUN server. By the way, if I use my Linksys PAP2T directly to my SIP provider (without Axon PBX) everything works perfectly!
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