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  1. Is there a free upgrade to mac os Catalina 64-bit processor?
  2. Just installed the Debut Pro version and in the first two video screen recordings, got the lowest quality audio accompanying the video being recorded from the internet. Besides the volume being very low, the sound is Tinny, like it is enclosed in a tube. The system is a Mac, running Mojave OS 10.14.5 My system audio setting is on internal microphone, and in Debut, I used the audio Encoder set to high quality large file size. Anybody have any ideas? Thanks, the man with the "tin" ear.
  3. turel

    Video Pad Codecs

    Yes, and that does nothing for me because the app still attempts to download/install on demand, even though I get the Sys Admin to install the file independently/.
  4. I use Video Pad at the office to convert Sony proprietary mpeg files. When I import one of these mpegs into Video Pad, I get the a52dec.exe download/install on demand message and my organizations firewall detects a virus in it, even though at home there is no such problem. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can work around the install on demand. I can download the codec individually and run it, but when I run Video Pad again it still tries to download it again, and then I get the same virus message.
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