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  1. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to load .ra files and be able to hear them in Express Scribe? I've even downloaded Express Scribe Pro and downloaded RealPlayer to try to fix the situation and it hasn't fixed yet!!! Please help as I've started with a new company and I can't work until I resolve this!!!! Thanks!
  2. I am in desperate, and I mean desperate, need of help!!! I have posted a bunch of messages on this board and some answers have been posted but none help me. I am having problems with my foot pedal since I upgraded to Vista. I was told (by technical support) that I need to upgrade my drivers to be compatible with Vista. BUT THEY NEVER SAID WHERE OR HOW TO GET THE DRIVERS!!!!!!!!!!! Can anyone PLEASE help me??? I am frustrated - can you tell????? I don't want to purchase support because I'd almost rather put my money towards a new pedal (if I thought that would help, which was another una
  3. OK, thanks for all your suggestions but the only thing that helped was the DCB! Just kidding! I don't have a manual/instructions/CDRom with the pedal because it's a plug-and-play with no instructions and no software. The software used was ES. And this is the foot pedal manuf website so that's why I'm using this forum! And I've used the FAQs and troubleshooting. I'd have to pay for tech support and I think I'd rather just get a new pedal! Yes, I do a lot of transcribing and yes I have to unplug the foot pedal. I have rebooted, installed the foot pedal, rebooted and left it in the po
  4. I am having a major issue with my pedal since upgrading to Vista. I get an error message USB Device Not Recognized. I have four USB ports, they all do the same thing, and I've tried other USB devices and it only happens with my pedal. I did get a response about this but I'm trying to follow up and not getting an answer. I REALLY just want to know if I need to buy a new pedal or if this issue can be fixed. Can someone help me, PLEASE?????
  5. I've posted that I have tried other USB ports and other USB devices on my computer and haven't had any trouble other than with my pedal. I REALLY just want to know if I need to buy a new pedal or if this issue can be fixed. Can someone help me, PLEASE?????
  6. Yes, I've tried other USB devices and I don't get that error message at all. I have four USB ports and I've tried my memory stick in all ports with no error message.
  7. HELP PLEASE!!!! I upgraded to Vista in January and ever since I've had pedal problems with Express Scribe. I need to know if it's just a matter of buying a new pedal. This doesn't happen all the time but 90% of the time it does - and usually when I'm stressed by a work deadline!! When I plug in my pedal, I get a message that says USB Device Not Recognized. I have four USB ports so I can usually try them and MAYBE one will work, but sometimes it requires a restart, which may or may not fix it. I have to keep fiddling with it to get it to work. And once I get it going, I better not mo
  8. I would like to ask the same question. I upgraded to Vista in January and have had nothing but problems with my pedal since then! It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. If it doesn't work, I get an error message that says USB Device Not Recognized. I have four USB ports so I just keep trying them and I have to keep either restarting my computer, which doesn't always fix it, or say a prayer that I won't get that message when I plug in my pedal!! I use this for work just like the first person that posted this message and it's pretty urgent that I get a reply. I will purchase a new
  9. Did you get a response to this? I upgraded my computer in January to Vista and ever since I've been having problems with it not recognizing my pedal. I would purchase a new one if I thought this was the problem, but I never had any trouble until I upgraded!! HELP!!
  10. I installed the newest version of Express Scribe (4.30) on my PC to go with my transcription pedal on a laptop that I just purchased. I've used Express Scribe for years, but not on this computer. I am running Windows Vista (also new to me). On and off the pedal does not respond. Sometimes I simply have to plug into another USB port and other times I have to go into the Foot Pedal Control Setup Wizard in Options/Playback, which sometimes tells me it doesn't recognize the device. Is my pedal going bad or is this a glitch with Vista or is it my new computer? If it's the pedal, what do I need to d
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