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  1. Hey pythonpoole, I have just purchased IVM & Axon and have just briefed my developers to start work with the API. What we want to do is automatically send numbers captured on a web site to IVM and set up a pre-recorded call at a time and date requested by the web user. I have two questions re this: 1. Can we not only instruct IVM to call a specific number but to also instruct it to call at a future date and time? 2. If i have multiple channels available through my VoIP SIP provider and I receive more call requests for a specific date and time than I have channels, what will the software do in this instance? Will the calls back up to be delivered as soon as there is a free channel? Please advise ASAP. Thanks in advance, Justin
  2. Hi pythonpoole, As you seem to be the man who has all the answers I just wanted to run what I want to achieve past you, although from the various posts I have read it I think I'm on the right track. What I want to achieve is to be able to send automated pre-recorded messages going out at pre-defined times separately and simultaneously. So I'm thinking that I need to use IVM Answering Attendant in conjunction with Axon, to allow me to make the unlimited simultaneous calls, and then obtain a SIP provider who can give me up to 90 SIP trunks - I am thinking VoIPtalk for this? Please could please just confirm my thinking is sound? Many thanks in advance! Justin
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