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  1. It turns out I can fill the CD to the limit with MP3's by defining making a data CD rather than an audio CD using Ahead Nero.
  2. 2 kinds of burn software (Ahead Nero and Express Burn)claimed to only be able to place 15 tracks or 60MB or 75 minutes of play on the cd. It seems it is calculating with the original size of the tracks on the CD as only tracks fro one cd will burtn on a 700MB CD. When burning these 12 tracks, the show up as 1KB each and plays for 30 sec on either burn software. It's like the ripper (Express rip) reports the original file size on the cd or calculates in minutes and the cd allows for 70 minutes. Either way, I can't use Express Rip&Burn software. The ripped files plays fine from the hard disk and reports the trues size of app. 5 MB each. Somehow there must be some hidden file info that the burners use, and this infromation reports the file size from the original CD's.
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