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  1. :blink:I need to know if Prism is the program I need. I want to download or copy videos from the net and save or convert them to an audio only file that I can process through Express Scribe. Yesterday I had a short video file and I recorded it on the standard recorder I have, which worked but not too well.
  2. Express Scribe will happily keep playing audio in the background (with optional, "always on top", mini-controls) while you bring any other application to the foreground. Scribe doesn't interact directly with the foreground application so it doesn't matter if you're using Notepad, Word, or another third-party application.
  3. :unsure: Newbie here totally confused on terms. I have Express Scribe. Okay on foot pedals, etc., but does it work with any or some or all of the CAT software out there in La La land. I have not been able to find an old fashioned "yes" or "no". Overwhelmed with technical data that shows my generation gap with most computer users.
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