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  1. I certainly will try it. Love the price! Thanks
  2. I need to know if Prism is the program I need. I want to download or copy videos from the net and save or convert them to an audio only file that I can process through Express Scribe. Yesterday I had a short video file and I recorded it on the standard recorder I have, which worked but not too well.
  3. Newbie here totally confused on terms. I have Express Scribe. Okay on foot pedals, etc., but does it work with any or some or all of the CAT software out there in La La land. I have not been able to find an old fashioned "yes" or "no". Overwhelmed with technical data that shows my generation gap with most computer users.
  4. Novice here, I'm setting up transcription service, have the down load address for an NCH sponsored dictation practice. How do I get it into the ExpressScribe program: Technical Terms are not my specialty.
  5. In answer to your question, maybe you can save it to a word document file or pdf file. Is Express Scribe compatable with other CAT software?

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