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  1. Image? As in one frame, or video? When I first bought and tried this software, I thought it might be my old VCR that was messing up, so I switched out that VCR for another one (not quite as old as the first one I'd connected), and then I got beautiful video. NO SOUND when previewing, NO SOUND when recorded. Still can't use it, coz there's no answer that's been provided. For you, however, try adjusting the tracking on your VCR while you "preview" what you want to record. Have YOU got sound?
  2. Are your preview settings and record sound settings the same? They should be..... If only I could get those figured out, I'd use Golden Video to convert many VHS tapes to movies, and then to DVD. I can't get sound no matter what method I try. The picture quality is beautiful on preview and record, but I have NO SOUND.
  3. Roger: I have a Pinnacle USB510 Studio Movie Box connected to my VHS/VCR and the USB plugged into one of my 2 USB ports. I can see the preview, and the recording but have NO SOUND. I've tried absolutely every setting I can think of, including plugging the RCA cables (red, yellow and white) directly into my video card (NviaForce...something or other), but to no avail. Golden Videos recognizes my Pinnacle 510 box and all, and the picture clarity is far better than Pinnacle Studio 12, BUT not being able to get the sound from the video defeats my purposes. I have posted several times with
  4. I tried exactly what you suggested, and then opened DEBUT. It did NOT recognize the Pinnacle 510USB capture source. I only disconnected the two audio cables and plugged them into my soundcard, set the sound device, Stereo Mix, etc.,. I had no other choice but to revert back to the way I had it originally which was: VCR cables to Pinnacle 510USB, and the USB into a 2.0 slot. I do NOT have sound, but the picture is gorgeous, and this is why I would like to use DEBUT and not Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus. I get a horrible picture (like the tracking is off when it's not, and no matter how much I t
  5. LSHAW1

    Debut x64?

    Yes, I have. I cannot post messages there. There are no posts on that board, and I cannot start one, hence the reason for posting here. I have the same problem with no sound.
  6. LSHAW1

    Debut x64?

    I have almost exhausted efforts for manipulating the sound when I play the video, and when I playback the recorded video. I can SEE what I recorded, but I hear no sound while PLAYING the video, or while playing BACK what I recorded. Microphone isn't what I want, as I'm trying to record from a VHS tape (using Dazzle100 VHS to PC/DVD converter hardware) to my PC and then will create a DVD. Without sound while playing or after recording, I don't know what else to do. Could some kind person/soul please help me out with what settings I need for sound input and output?
  7. I'm using Dazzle 100 hardware to run from my VCR to my PC so I can transfer VHS tapes to DVD. Debut has NO SOUND when I'm playing the VHS, nor when I've recorded. I've used other software similar to Debut, but prefer the easy interface of Debut. Can someone please help me here?
  8. LSHAW1

    Debut x64?

    I'm using Vista 64bit, and only have sound problems.....no sound when playing, no sound when recorded.
  9. I have NO SOUND when playing the video, OR after recording the video. I, too, have checked my cables, and used other software similar to this when no problems, but really prefer the interface of Debut. I've checked my sound mixer, etc. I am using the Dazzle 100 VHS to DVD hardware, and can hear sound when I play the VHS tape on other software, but not when it is recorded. Can someone please tell me what I need to do? I'd like to transfer the VHS tape of the inauguration to DVD, and can't until I get the sound figured out.
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