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  1. Well I forwarded the requested log files and tried v4.2x. It went through the burn process of a data dvd, but it was very slow, then started verification and at about 90% through it crashed my computer and corrupted Outlook.pst which running in the background. It required a power off to regain control of the computer. I later checked the disk I'd burned and it seems OK, then burned a copy with Nero 9 which went flawlessly and ran much faster.
  2. After my original difficulties I have tried everything including re-partitionong the disk and re-installing Win-XP SP3 and all updates. I sent an email to the help desk and got no reply either. No use! This software is a piece of junk so I accepted that I needed to suffer bloatware and bought Nero 9 which works just jine on both drives and with the same brand disks as failed with Express Burn 4.17. Save your money!
  3. I have two burners, Pioneer DVR-111D IDE and a Pioneer DVR-216 SATA both of which worked fine under Nero 7. I gave Nero away due to the bloatware however and purchased Express Burn 4.17 + Video. This was not a good move. I am burning data disks, and using either burner and 3 brands of Disk, TDK 52X CD, Vebatim and LG 16X DVD-R and 16X DVD+R, I get an error message every time. 05 21 02, 51 25 35 and there was one other I didn't record. I tried using default burning settings with UDF and then slowed burn down to 4X but never completed a single disk without error which made the files
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