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  1. Thanks for the reply. I need a pre-amp because my newer A/V reciever doesn't have phono inputs. My table doesn't have a pre-amp. Golden Records claims you can go direct from turntable to computer, but magnetic cartridges have different voltage outputs. Mine unfortunately isn't high enough to trigger the program. I will try moving all cables away from the turntable and see if that helps. Thanks Again !
  2. As most of us know, Golden Records doesn't pick up certain turntables without a pre-amp. I purchased a small pre-amp with high hopes of continuing the project. I now have a noticeble hum. Very annoying. Here's the info. Turntable has RCA cables to pre-amp 15" length. RCA cables from pre-amp to amplifier 18" length. Turntable is grounded to pre-amp per instructions. Grounding to electrical conduit has no effect. I'm aware that the shorter the cables, the less hum will be noticed. Any ideas? Would buying high end RCA cables help? The turntable is not near any power transformers. Thank Guy
  3. Hello Phil, You seem to be the GR guru. Thanks so much for your experiences. Just wanted to say where Vista and GR are. Basically at opposite ends of the world. Guess we can't blame NCH. Only with the fact that they haven't propsed a fix ! I spent weeks of aggravation working with GR on my brand new HP desktop w/ Vista. For whatever reason, I thought I would try the program on an old laptop running XP. Guess you know the next statement. No more dropouts, no more "unknown exception", no more crashes. Bill
  4. Thanks for the reply Phil, When I have a chance, I'll try your options. It does seem that files are being stored somewhere else and therefore not allowing me to delete. Thanks again, Bill
  5. Has anyone run into this problem ? After I'm done making a CD, I'll try to delete the files by highlighting the selections then going to the file icon and clicking on remove files. It clears the screen temporarily, but it comes back even if you shut down the program. My selections now show "untitled 167". I would certainly think that after deleting the files, you would start out again at "untitled #1". Thanks
  6. Hello DanLHen, That pop you hear can be toggled on or off by the software. It doesn't show up on the final product. Dig around a little on the menus and screens. I'm sure it's there to notify you if the program stops recording. Kind of a monitor tone.
  7. Thanks for the update Phil, I recently purchased a small pre-amp online and now I'm at least getting some decent volume readings. The more I dig into this, the more knowledgable I become. The pre-amp if "I am not mistaken", only takes magnetic cartridge voltage ( 5.0 mv), and boosts it up to line level. I don't think there is any other tone adjustments involved. So basically I'm saying that a new reciever with phono inputs isn't really necessary. I bought the pre-amp for $19.99. Thanks again, Bill
  8. Thanks for the reply Phil, It's very possible the turntable just doesn't have the DB's to trigger the Software recording. I have also tried to run it through my Pioneer A/V Reciever but realized, it doesn't have any phono inputs !! Bummer. Do you know if there's any inputs that would work ? It's got all the usual other than phono. Tape, DVD, Laser Disc, etc.
  9. I have recorded semi-successfully with a record player using the line out audio jacks. Trying to get the best out of my LP's, I borrowed a friends high-end stand alone turntable. Obviously no pre-amp involved. Worked perfect at friends house. I changed the settings on GR to "direct from turntable" and also the equalization setting on playback. I get almost no volume on the green bars. Played with most recording volume controls I could find. Decibels aren't enough to trigger recording. Program shuts down saying "no audible". It seems the software isn't changing to the "direct from turntable" op
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