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  1. I'm running ExpressAccount version 1.05 on an iMac. I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I can not seem to have the logo displayed on ANY reports although the feature to add the logo is there in the Company Preferences (link to JPG file). Does anyone else seem to have a problem with NO logos anywhere although it's configured properly? How do i get my logo on the reports? Regards, Krystal
  2. In ExpressAccounts v1.05, i'm unable to have more than one line in the Address and Contact Details section of the preferences screen. I tried to enter my addres sinformation for the company but when I press return (enter) it closes the preferences screen. Currently, my address and contact details have one long line which I've separated with comma's. Is this normal for v1.05 (Mac)? As well, i've added my logo to the "Logo Image File (jpg)" line ... it works in ExpressInvoice but not in ExpressAccounts? Is this a bug? I'm using an iMac and it actually works great except for the three issues listed above and I don't have a windows computer. Is this a bug on the mac version? Krystal
  3. It seems to be doing the same with me. I'm running it on my iMac and the download and install went well. Started it up and seems to have worked great. Added my company logo (a small JPG file) and worked although the image doesn't appear on any reports though <sigh>. Also set up my invoice and looks great. That was Friday. Today, I try to start it up and nothing. Tried to do a reinstall but it says that it's already running. In the background??? Anyone can help with this??? Works the first time and then doesn't seem to work after that. Thanks!!!
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