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  1. Thanks, sent one off yesterday - hope it works!
  2. Connecting to an OpenVMS server, I can see the directory contents, but all the file sizes are 0, copying any file returns an empty file with other VMS-related strangeness. For example, a valid filename in OpenVMS is in the format name.extension;version - name and extension can be any alphanumeric combination and some other things, such as - _ $ but not space....version is the version number, by default OpenVMS will keep up to 32767 copies of a file and just add 1 to the version number - but I digress. So, file sizes show as 0, copied files are empty and also contain the version number on OSX/WXP as part of the file extension e.g a VMS file called spreadsheet.xls;1 should be ftpd to OSX/WXP as spreadsheet.xls - in other words, drop the version and don't make it part of the filename extension. Easy to do, drop anything from (and including) the ; in the file specification. Please?
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