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  1. I have the same problem, it could be the trial, lets wait for confirmation of this .
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    I am testing that, I will let you know . Add me to your messanger: gerakus@hotmail.com
  3. I am using a trial version of the software to evaluate and eventually purchase it. We have an audio file of about 9 minutes and 4MB in size. The software is using running on Windows 2008 Server 64, with a whole dedicated T1 connected to it just for auto attendant services. But every time that more than 3 people call the number, the quality of the audio degrades. I wonder whats the reason for this, as I don't see any specifications in the trial saying that cant be used for more than 3 calls. I test this with DSL as well, different computers and always got the same result, after 3 it just cant be used the trial version. Any help or input will be appreciated into this. Thanks in advance.
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