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  1. Hi Math, I read your topic and the truth is that I am usin axon basic and one of the things it lucks is exactly what you have done, a real time inbound and outbound calls on the web, that is just fantastic... The latest axon has it, but it generates a complicated form with sip details and staff required for programmers but not for the end user.... I will really appreciate it if you may handle the application and instruccions in order to make it run. I look forward to hear from you soon. Cesar Gonzalez cesargonco@yahoo.com
  2. I have been trying to configure IVM v.4.11 but the true is that it has been impossible to make it work, reason why I beg you guys to give me a link in order to download it or e-mail the IVM v4.08 compressed file to: cesargonco@yahoo.com or you can get in touch with me at msn: cesargonco@hotmail.com I will really appreciate it. And another question... how I do to set up the IVM transfer mode to Groups and and while the caller is waiting on line to link it to IMS, I have tried in different ways but calls are droped while no rings get through to extensions and no music neither messages are pl
  3. I configured a Net2phone account which can be run under H323 or SIP but neither one goes through the loggin process... can someone tell me how to set it up... Although I have set up different VoIP accounts from differente providers and they work perfectly except Net2phone ... check it out www.net2phone.com I will appreciate your help
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