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  1. I opted for a video-DVD but Express Burn only gives the option to create an.ISO-file. How do I get it to burn it to a disc directly??? I finally used the Roxio software to burn, but no DVD-player or Mediaplayer will play it. I guess I did something wrong, but in that case I urgently suggests that the manual/help info for the software is edited to be even more explicit.
  2. After what appeared a successful burn (by a LaCie burner)of an .avi file on to a video-DVD (via an .iso-file I had no way of avoiding since it was my only given option, which I find very strange since that option shouldn't be in my version if I understand things correctly) the DVD will not play in either of my two DVD-players, nor by any player on the computer (VLC, WMV PowerDVD, Roxio) The closest I got was on the Technica that said "Play" and just as the clock started, went to "Stop". I can't get a menu or title. No player seems to recognize the DVD. MichaelJee's reply is not answ
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