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  1. Thanks. I got fired. Your support is awesome. Guess I'm not going to buy the software.
  2. I can't find any reference about parking a call in Axon. Do you need a park server and add the chain to Axon right??
  3. Maybe anyone has passed thru this situation, and can help me to fix this issue. Please, everyone in here is very angry about it.
  4. any news?? I still couldn't figure out. I'm in a business, and I've installed expressTalk in every computer, and they need to receive calls from the outside Please help, I looked everywhere and couldn't fin a solution... And I can't call from outside Axon PBX, like 101@mysipserver.com, the logs says that ID "101" is not found too-- Please I really need your help, Thankss!
  5. Hi, I've installed Axon on a Windows 2003 server pc couple months ago, and works fine. Today I've found that Sip Broker offers an access number to interconnect VOIP providers. I added mine and worked correctly. But when an external user calls my Axon PBX, says "Unable to find any lines with the ID "aaa" or extensions with the ID "bbb", where ID is the extension number and bbb is the CID number. The connection scheme is: VOIP PROVIDER >> SIP BROKER (*xxxx + extension) >> MY SERVER I can't figure out how to solve this problem. I have the latest version of the softwate. I'd appreciate if you could guys help me, Thanks!
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