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  1. Thanks for your input. Can you by the support later if you need it?
  2. Greetings. I am using vonage. I understand I need the adapter. But beyond that I need help! I need to have the phone auto answered with several choices for customers. Some of the choices would require that the call be transfered to a cell phone and some other choices to land lines and sometimes to voicemail. 1. So do I need the attendant and then regular axon or axon plus? 2. Also I see where some people have said that some providers may turn something off and then these transfers will not work, is this true, is vonage one of them? 3. Lastly, I see where some people have posted that they have been working at getting operational for week. If I buy the unlimited one year support, will support walk me through my setup etc. and get me going in an afternoon? Thanks for your help and patience!
  3. Which do you think is the best way to go, the FXO adaptor, tel. board or the Vonage softphone (best meaning quality and reliability)? Thanks for your help!
  4. I am considering the Virtual pbx with full support option. I am a total rookie on Voip. Does it work well with a regular vonage line? If so does it work well? With the full support, will there be someone there to help me thru the tech stuff and setup? thanks for your help.
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