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  1. Welcome to the NCH Forums. This is the Wavpad Forum. You want to post in the FastFox Forum. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  2. As far as I know, you uninstall the program from one computer and reinstall it on another. Enter your licence information and activate and you should be good to go. If there is a licence issue, then contact NCH Tech Support. Have a great day. Regards, -Phi
  3. NCH folks do monitor this Forum. From what I can tell, it is on an irregular basis. The volunteers here do share their expertise if they have some to share on an issue that a user is encountering. I am not able to help you at all with clicking sounds and I guess that no one else who has visited and read your thread so far has any idea how to resolve your problem. You could open a support ticket with NCH and seek their assistance that way. This forum is just mainly about users helping users. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  4. Doralee: Welcome to the WavePad Forum. Check the specs for your vehicle audio system. Some flash drive formats are not supported, usually NTFS. Make sure that your flash drive is formatted as required. Also, some vehicle audio systems will only play certain types of media files. Check to make sure that your media files are in a compatible format. Hope this helps and let us know how you make out. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  5. longmorn3

    Fantom text

    Maksa52: I think you have posted your inquiry in the wrong Forum. This Forum is for issues with WavePad sound editing software. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  6. Are you sure that you are in the right Forum? This is the WavePad audio tool Forum.
  7. Neatd: If you are trying to create a custom CD of selected tracks from your CD collection, Vapors is pointing you in the right direction. You don't have to rip an entire CD. Even Windows Media Player allows you to select just the tracks you want to rip from each CD you load. Then assemble the selected ripped tracks in the order that you want using CD burner software (Windows Media Player will do that as well via the Library function), and then burn your custom CD. Quality will be the best you can get and you will save a great deal of time compared to trying to record the selected tracks.
  8. Hello, Nicole and welcome to the Prism Forum. I am pretty new to Prism myself. I only use it occasionally, so I stand to be corrected by those more knowledgeable than me. From what I can understand, you can't directly convert from, say, .mpeg2 to .vob. What you can do is tell Prism to burn a DVD. It will create the .vob files on the DVD that you can then copy to whatever other media you want. You can always use rewriteable DVDs if your final destination is not a DVD, though in most cases, that is why .vob files are created in the first place. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards
  9. longmorn3


    Welcome to the WavePad Forum. From what I understand, WavePad does not rip directly as does Windows Media Player, which is what I use for ripping. However, that said, you can load audio files from a CD (.cda format) into WavePad and then "Save As" to save them in another format, such as .mp3, according to the WavePad help file. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  10. Mark: Glad to be able to help and I am happy that you have resolved your problem to your satisfaction. Happy audio editing. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  11. Welcome to the WavePad forum. I have used WavePad for years, mainly for editing music files that I created from Golden Records, converting my vinyl to .wav files. Those are not "professional" files per se and I have never had any problems with editing them. I would suggest that you start out by reviewing the WavePad tutorials that are accessible from the top left of the screen. The first one covers the basics: . I think that you might need to learn a little bit more about the software to be able to use it effectively. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  12. I stand to be corrected, but I think the "free" version is actually a "trial" version, though that is not clear, to me at least, from the NCH website. I think your "free" licence expires and to continue to use the software after the trial period, you must purchase a copy. Hopefully someone will correct me if I am mistaken in this assumption. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  13. Kross: I am not an expert on audio file formats. Personally I always use best quality .wav file output, as .mp3 is compressed, and my video software sometimes chokes on .mp3 files. It always accepts .wav files. I have never used FLAC files. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on this forum will chime in. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  14. Mark: Your stereo should have a set of "Line Out" jacks. Those should be totally independent of speaker connectors. I am thinking that your hardware setup is your problem. I would recommend the Behringer UCA-202. It works just great for me. I suspect the lack of same is causing your audio distortion problems, as some device has to digitalize the incoming audio signals. Here is a link to ebay where you can get one at a reasonable price: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=behringer+uca202 They are also available from Amazon and other retailers. Let me know what you decide and
  15. Golden Records outputs to .wav or .mp3 formats only. The link to the specs is here: http://www.nch.com.au/golden/index.html. You will need conversion software to convert your .wav (preferred format) to alac or flac. There is some free sound file conversion software available, and also NCH produces software that will convert .wav and .mp3 to FLAC (not sure about ALAC) format. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
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