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  1. Kross: I am not an expert on audio file formats. Personally I always use best quality .wav file output, as .mp3 is compressed, and my video software sometimes chokes on .mp3 files. It always accepts .wav files. I have never used FLAC files. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable on this forum will chime in. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  2. Golden Records outputs to .wav or .mp3 formats only. The link to the specs is here: http://www.nch.com.au/golden/index.html. You will need conversion software to convert your .wav (preferred format) to alac or flac. There is some free sound file conversion software available, and also NCH produces software that will convert .wav and .mp3 to FLAC (not sure about ALAC) format. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  3. Jim: Yes, you do need an amp for best results. Many turntables don't put out enough signal. I have my turntable connected to my AV receiver, and then I connect my Behringer UCA202 to the "TAPE OUT" (Line Out) jacks of the AV receiver. I get great results. Let us know how you make out. Have a great day. Regards -Phil
  4. Hello Jim: I don't think you will get much joy trying to use a mic jack for record input. I use a Behringer UCA202 "dongle", connected at one end to the Tape Out jacks of my receiver, and plugged into my computer via the USB cable. I consistently get outstanding results. Hope this helps and good luck. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
  5. The Donald: Welcome to the forum. I too have encountered issues with GR wanting to split classical music at quiet stretches. My solution is to turn off auto splitting and reduce the noise floor. It does require that you take full control of the recording session. This isn't really a bug - how could GR be expected to determine what is a quiet passage and what is a quiet space between tracks? The software can only do so much. The splitting gets triggered by sustained input at the noise floor or below. I know that is probably not the "automated" solution you were looking for, but I
  6. Allen: Like you, I don't burn from within Golden Records, but manually load the files using Express Burn Plus in the order I want. In my case, I move the files out of the Golden folder and dump them into User/Music and I have no problems grabbing the files from there. I actually record using a laptop, but do my burning from my main desktop computer. I transfer the files from the laptop to the main desktop using a flash memory card, so I have never encountered your issue, because I never tried to burn from the Golden folder on the laptop. The "solution" of moving the files to the User\M
  7. Golden Records (GR) defaults to an alphabetical sort. You can alter the sort to be by date and time by clicking on the date/time column. That will hopefully solve your problem if you are burning your CD directly from GR. Personally, I use NCH Express Burn and individually load each .wav file or .mp3 file in the order that I want them burned. No mistakes that way. Hope this helps. Have a great day. Regards, -Phil
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