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  1. Hi-- I probably shouldn't be here, being totally electronically challenged. Older guys should be doingt something else. But I have a stack of LP"s from the Swing (big band)era that I'd like to get on disc. Golden Records free version doesn't offer any support. Surely some of you here on this forum have experience with such as this, and if you'd be willing to help an old guy get started, please reply to this post. Thanks a million, Aal
  2. Hi all, I am new to this and have already decided that a really old guy, which I am, probably shouldn't be doing this. I don't have any problem recording from the turntable, and have finally figured out that the files are automatically saved to the selected folder. Problem is that if I click on the track I get playback, but if I click on the file icon in the selected folder, I don't get playback. Will some of you who have been around a while or know this please help. I have never been into electronics, don't even old nor have I ever touched a cell phone, and most electronic terminology is
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