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  1. In August this year, I downloaded the trial version of Prism Video Converter and, having first ascertained that it worked and was capable of converting my .vid files to .wmv and .mpg, I purchased and activated it. The program worked satisfactorily for a few weeks until my laptop developed a problem and had to be re-formatted. Once this had been done, I again downloaded the trial version from the NCH web site and registered it. I now found that the new version did not work (i.e. convert .vid files to .wmv or .mpg format.). I consistently received the message ‘failed to open source video file’.

    The version of Prism which I had originally downloaded was V.1.15 but the replacement was V. 1.20. It would appear that there are differences between the two versions which prevent me from converting files as I had previously. The help file which accompanies V.1.20 does not list .vid files as being convertible and is not helpful in regard to my particular problem.

    If this is a driver or codec problem, please indicate those which are required to make this program work.

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