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  1. Hi, is there any way to use a wildcard in a dialing plan on axon? for example, if number start with 0xxxx320 dial on line 1 where xxxx are 4 digits that i dont care but the next 3 digits are the one that decide wich line to use.
  2. Hi, I have axon with IVM setup, SPA3102 FOX adapters, now I want that carousel fxo gateway only use lines 5 to 9 to make outbound calls, and I need to leave lines 1 to 4 just for incoming cals, any one knows how to do this?........ EDIT: Looks like the Carousel FXO Gateway is a separe free software from NCH but only works with telephony cards or osb gateways, is there any way to set up a fxo carousel for axon using a bunch of SPA3102????
  3. Hi, I like to know if any one here has the Grandstream GPX 2000 Phone and the GPX2000 Ext module working with Axon? not just the SIP account that works fine but also the BLF (Busy Lamp Field) working OK and also the WMI (Waiting Message Indicator). Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I have the latest axon virtual pbx setup and runing quite well plus IVM, now i have linksys3102 fxo gateway in order to receive and make pstn calls, to receive works fine, i still have issues with dtmf to dial extencion number but is not important, but to make outbound calls I always get a tone and thats it, Already check config with all the info posted here and still the same, on the 3102 info page show the las number dialed OK but that only tell me that axon is sending the right dial info to the 3102 but the call is not goint out. any ideas? anyone has the 3102 working with axon for in and out calls?
  5. Hi, I like to know if there is any way to set up individual passwords for each extencion to access external calls to place outgoing calls (so far I havent found a way:()
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