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  1. This could be limited by your recording device or driver. Some of the less expensive devices will only give you that amount of FPS.
  2. What about your video settings themselves? Maybe you've downgraded the quality to far in order to minimize recording size and now your performance is not good. Also, Recording device can play a part as well.
  3. Are you using the same devices all the way around? Have you changed any of the following items...Debut Version, Computer, Video Card, Video device, driver. Anyway, just trying to suggest some steps for troubleshooting.
  4. Are you using the same computer and same video recording device as before when you quality was better? Both of these can attribute to quality. If so, maybe reset your driver for video device and start over with setup, never hurts to refresh settings like these.
  5. So while your recording Debut displays the colors correctly? If so then maybe your quality settings are to low and it has taken color out as an option to save space. How about play back with a different player, same affect? Also, can you capture the video with a different program for testing sake, maybe it's your video device or driver...
  6. Most of the times it comes down to what kind of device are you using to get the video and audio feed. Some of the less expensive web cams may get pretty choppy and the audio may never sink. Also, you must modify the settings so that you find a happy medium between perfomance and size, trial and error my friend.
  7. It's all about trial and error with these settings. Also, some of the settings like mp4, avi, etc may mean you will need a different media player outside of Debut. I'm not the most experienced by any means, but noticed that no one was answering so thought I would try to help. My settings...I have a really nice video card so the quality is easier to come by. The basic principal is, the better performance you want on the video and audio is going to be a larger file saved....but if it doesn't matter the size then max it out. If you are limited then find the happy medium.
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