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  1. Or just use an older model of skype something before the 4.1 (I say use an older version as last I checked the new skype had lost this function. There was talk of them reintroducing it which they may have done by now) In skype right click the person in your list and create the quick dial number. Now just dial the line setup for skype in axon and the quick dial number. So if your skype uplink is 6 and you gave the person the number 9 You would dial 69 Have fun
  2. Hi back again Setting up a quick dial number worked great but I’ve now update skype to Version 4.10.136 and the quick dial option is no longer there when you right click on a name. Does anyone know how to do this on the new version Thanks
  3. Cool did you find it worth upgrading to the full version And Have you come across any of the problems I been having with x-lite cause I do prefer it
  4. No it didn’t help. I was using x-lite as a softphone. Uninstalled it and installed Express Talk VoIP Softphone Sorted!!! Would have preferred to use x-lite but what can you do Thanks
  5. Using skype uplink with axon and spa3102. From an ordinary phone handset if I wanted to call somebody with the user id “bill” would I dial 2455? Thanks
  6. Hi I keep getting a message on my axon Voicemail notify message sent to user sip:101@ Voicemail notify message sent to user sip:101@ Voicemail notify message sent to user sip:101@ Then it waits 1.5 minutes then does it again After it has done this a few time it stop wait a few hours and does it again. There is no mailbox setup for extension 101 I have deleted it and have all calls going to ext 102 mailbox. On ext 101 if I take the tick out of the go voice mail if no answer. This error message fills the screen (in red) Destination of message from user 101@localhost 5060 cannot be determined Any ideas why all of this is happening Thanks
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