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  1. I'm on PC. Finally I have figured out the web access. I added users in 'Accounts' and I thought in this way, the users I have added would be able to access the database I have entered in Express Inventory on web based from other locations but it seems that they have problem to access. Is it a MUST to install the software before they could access to the web version of Express Inventory? Well, we thought that this was the case so I asked my colleague to install the software but still they could not access to the link that I gave, which I found on Web Access tab in Menu - Tools - Options, even after having checked the box 'Enable web access'. On the other hand, I have no problem to access the web based Express Inventory system from the link from my PC. I need a solution to the issue above. Would appreciate to receive help from anyones that know about that. Thanks!
  2. I have just downloaded the software, Express Inventory and started using today. It is very useful, easy and user friendly and to my biggest surprise is - it's available in free! My compliments! However, I do not understand the button 'Web control'... I am directed to an intranet site which requires log in email & password... I have no clue what is it for... Anyone know about this? Another thing is that my company logo is not reflected on the document such as, inventory report, purchase order, etc. though it has been configured accordingly...
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