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  1. I have been reading all the different software program descriptions and my first question: Is there a Phone # I can call and actually speak to a real time person who can answer some questions? Secondly I'm trying to see if the Doctor I'm working for can purchase something he can send his dictations to me without him actually having his computer system in the office being on the internet.. I mean can he buy some type of handheld/palm dictator that he can send his dictations to me by using his regular phone line in the office or at his home and send it to my e-mail? I hate to sound so dumb but the more I read about everything the more confused I become. He has asked me to research what all we would need to purchase in order to make this work. (He is still dictating on microcassette tapes and I have to pick up and deliver the work twice weekly and this is a great imposition) Plus he never has a way to send give me a STAT to do. I am trying to get him out of the dinosaur age and make things better for his practice as well as for me. I appreciate any input anyone has to give. He won't buy anything without knowing everything first. Thanks, Sherry
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