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  1. Hi to all, The call %duration% variable indicates the call duration from the start of the call. This variable can not be used to charge the call, since it calculates the duration of the calls even if the calls are not answered. Is there other AXON variable that calculates the call duration from when the Ok message is received by AXON?
  2. Hi, With Axon version 2.02, I've configured external extension to IPTEL (same problem with callcentric, and probably others as well) After receiving from IPTEL/CallCentric that my account has been registered, AXON start to display messages : Message for user ciptel1 cannot be sent. user does not exist. Message for user ciptel1 cannot be sent. user does not exist. .... Did someone from the Forum already see this message? How to get rid of this message? Thanks
  3. Hi, After reading some of the posts on issues related to uplink unable to pass the DTMF received from Skype, could someone from NCH tells me if this issue has been solved by the current/next planned release of Uplink? I'd be interested to upgrade to this new release. My application is simple : 1 - Receive incoming calls from Skype to IVM through Uplink/Axon. 2 - Calling party is asked to enter extension number and 3 - Route the call to the entered Ext Number. Thanks for your quick reply. Soriya
  4. soriya

    Quorum API

    Hi, As a follow up to my previous question, where Quorum HTTP APIs are documented? Thanks again Soriya
  5. soriya

    Quorum and IVM

    Hi, I have just purchased IVM and Quorum. I'd like to use IVM to control some basic features of Quorum such as create a conference. Is there any possibility to do so using IVM Plugins? Thanks
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