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  1. I think you will find that express rip is ONLY for CD's NOT dvd's.
  2. Hi there, Is my registration still valid if I upgrade to v1.3 form v1.23? Thanks
  3. Hi there PM me and I will tell you how to keep FREE software working. I can't tell you here because NCH mighten like it and may try to add code to stop it. Regards
  4. bellfam1

    VideoPad? Where?

    No I am NOT a spammer. I didn't want to "step on any toes" at NCH. That is why I went private. If anyone from NCH wants to know about what I have posted, I would be willing to tell them. It's just that I'm a satisfied user, however, I am always on the lookout for new software. I originally came across NCH when I was looking for a program that I could use for converting my vinyl LPs to CD. (Golden Recods). I was impressed with their range of software. Hope that clears up any misconceptions. Regards. BTW the name is bellfam1
  5. bellfam1

    VideoPad? Where?

    Hi there tkd & videodad, can you leave me a message, I may be able to help you
  6. Hi there Does ExpressBurn support DVD+R Dual Layer disc burning running on XP? Also I have a laptop running Vista Home, is DVD+R DL supported by ExpressBurn on this platform. Thanks
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