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  1. Hi, I've just setup a new XP PC with a default install of Axon (v 2.01) with IMS and IVR options installed at the same time. After modifying the External Line called Default with my VoIP account details, the Axon status screen shows :- 19:49:13 Attempting to register sip:xxxxxxxxxx@sip.pennytel.com 19:49:13 Registered as: sip:xxxxxxxxxx@sip.pennytel.com 19:49:55 VWPlanIsValid Default 19:53:03 Message for user xxxxxxxxxx cannot be sent. User does not exist. 19:53:04 Message for user xxxxxxxxxx cannot be sent. User does not exist. 19:53:06 Message for user xxxxxxxxxx cannot be se
  2. Hi, I'm trying to configure Linksys SPX9xx IP phones to use the IMS as an on hold music player or MOH server without the presence of an Axon PBX or any PBX (ie. trying to use IMS standalone for the VoIP phones), so cannot use the run as extension option. I've tried various syntax combinations for the MOH Server entry on the phones but have not yet been able to get the phones to use IMS for on hold music. Anyone know how I can set IMS as the MOH Server in the Linksys phones ? TA.
  3. Don't know how I missed that ! Cheers.
  4. Hmm..... just a quick topic deviation here.... Have you seen / come across / know of a means to backup and restore a working Axon configuration ? I'm evaluating a 3CX setup at the same time and the backup and restore option was simply brilliant ! I could keep a copy of the config backup somewhere safe (much like a config backup of your router settings -- everyone has one of those, right ? ) and in the event of a complete disaster, I could quickly build a Win XP Box, install 3CX and restore the config and be up and running again without needing to keep a complete backup of the 3CX bo
  5. Hi Pythonpoole, Sorry, eval ran out and had to clean install and resetup everything to continue testing, hence the silence .... I did contact PennyTel and got them to disable MOH for my account. That did not solve the problem. I finally found the option Always Relay Audio under Advanced Line Settings. Enabling this seems to fix the issue for PennyTel, though I'm not sure what it actually does and why this is not required for the other two VSPs. But, at least it seems to work. I now need to get back to evaluating the rest of Axon.
  6. Hi Pythonpoole and thanks for your time. I have been in contact with the provider (PennyTel) and one of their guys said they have tested with an SPA942 and the hold function works fine. So, I took one of my SPA942 units and reconfigured it and my firewall so that it is the only thing talking to PennyTel and it works correctly. I can make / receive calls and put them on hold and successfully resume the calls. However, I noticed that although I forgot to change the MOH Server setting in the SPA942 (which remains pointing to the MOH extension number in Axon) the MOH message is now coming from
  7. Update Further feedback and testing reveals the following :- If the calls originated from the remote party then got put on hold, when resuming the call there is no audio in either direction (ie. both direction silent). However, if the calls originated from the SPA942 in the office then got put on hold, resuming the call results in one direction audio only, ir. there is audio from the SPA942 in the office to the remote party but there is no audio coming back from the remote party. Any ideas ?
  8. Hi, I'm using SPA942 handsets on Axon. I have no problems making and receiving calls but have a problem with putting calls on hold. If I hit the hold call button on the phone, the remote party hears the music on hold which is fine. However, when I try to resume the call by pressing the flashing line button, the phone goes silent at both ends. The calls aren't actually dropped because I can hit the hold call button again and the remote party again hears the music on hold. But try as I might I cannot resume the call that's been put on hold. This also means I cannot transfer the call eith
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