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  1. I just feel like I've been led up the garden path. Think you ought to know, you've lost a customer through this.
  2. Well, actually NOT 10/10 as it happens... The second download, as I was advised to take, earlier in this thread, has again shut down on me, just a few weeks later, asking me for money. So what IS really going on here??? I wanted to burn to my laptop tonight, as I am headed to another part of the country, tomorrow and had relied on this software to do what our NCH representative told me it would. I'm not impressed. In fact, I'm VERY put out.
  3. Thank you, very much, nchaj. I feel you have a top product here, sir. I am very grateful for you taking the trouble to help me understand, outside of the main webpage. Based on your response and the subsequent performance of NCH Express Rip, since doing as you suggested, I would feel comfortable both recommending it to my friends and possibly upgrading in future. Kind regards, Doctor V
  4. Please can we have some complete answers to our questions please? Is the download source you have specified above, any different to the original? Will using add/remove programs actually remove the registration requirement to use this software for free? Why is there not an automatic uninstall icon supplied with the executable, as there is with all other software titles? Will my computer's registry still contain traces of the program? By using the link you have provided, does this mean I get the use of Express Rip, for free, forever? I'm not looking for a free lunch, just some straight
  5. Please can you offer a guide on how to uninstall the software completely. I have searched my system for an uninstall feature, but can find none. I have also consulted the FAQ, but am not finding the information I need there. Please help, I need to remove all NCH software from my system, but have no idea how to do this. I have tried to contact technical support, only to find it is apparently a paid privelage and not a free one. Many thanks, Doctor V
  6. nchaj, please can you explain if, or how what you are suggesting is different to what we did when we first installed it. Thanks.
  7. I too have the same question. Where is the uninstall feature? Are you saying re-install every few weeks? I really don't get it. Please let me know soon, so I can decide whether I want to continue using this software or not. Thanks.
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