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  1. Ok. Thank you for all the help. We are definitely going to get the system that you and I have discussed above. Now it is just a matter of raising the funds throughout the church. If I have any more questions, I will post them in this thread or create a new thread if need be. Thanks again!
  2. Great! I have a couple more questions. We are thinking of purchasing the Small Interactive System license of IVM (70 OGMs, 8 mailboxes), but we will only have three or four phones. How do you go about accessing the mailboxes while on the system. Example: Phones 1 - 3 are assigned mailboxes, but I want to check the messages on mailbox 7 using phone 1. I assume on the external side of things, you simply call the main phone number and enter a code to access a mailbox, correct? Also, how does faxing work using IVM and the IP Phones? We have a very, very basic (read old) fax machine
  3. I'm starting to catch on! So, to sum everything up, I will need the following items: 1 Computer to run the phone system (recommended specs?) 1 Axon license 1 IVM license 1 Copy of Carousel IP Phone (3 in my case) Telephony Board Switch (my router and current switch are indeed full) Is this everything? How easy is the installation and configuration of Axon, IVM, and Carousel? Also, I don't need an IP Phone for every mailbox do I? Thanks so much!
  4. Ok, I think I am starting to put everything together. I like the idea of the digitial IP phones. Let's say I went with those. My connections would look like: Router (LAN) < Individual handsets ^ PC ^ Telephony Board ^ Telephone Service So, the computer would connect to the router like a normal PC and the software auto detects the available handsets? If this is the case, how will the rest of my network react to the implementation of this system? (We currently have two network printers, a NAS, 3 desktops, and many notebooks). Thanks so much, pythonpoole.
  5. Hmm... well, maybe not. How would it work without the software additions you mentioned? (how I would experience calls when they come in and how the phones connect to the whole system) Can I use standard handsets?
  6. Alright... so does a handset also connect to the board? The following diagram is what I currently have in my mind - could you confirm?
  7. Hello all! I am very new to this whole area of technology and I'm considering getting a setup using IVM Answering Attendant at my church. Please see the following thread for more information: http://tinyurl.com/52xy5c My current question concerns possible telephony board options. Which boards have you found to be the easiest to use with IVM? Also, what kind of a computer is needed to run these boards along with IVM (how powerful)? I appreciate any and all input. Thanks!
  8. pythonpoole - Thanks again for the reply. I will open a new thread and see if I can get some input on Telephony Boards for use with IVM. Since this card plugs directly into the PC, does this mean you run a phone line (cord) to the computer, then plug your phone directly into the computer? I am still having a hard time connecting the ideas of the computer and the phones. Thanks so much!
  9. Thank you very much for the fast reply! I am very happy to hear that IVM would suit my needs. From your information, I have already given up the idea of VoIP, as it does not seem feasible with our current internet connection. So, we will most likely go with the telephony board. Would it be possible for you to suggest an entry level product? Also, some general information such as what exactly it is, how it works, and how it is installed would be greatly appreciated. Once I have this telephony board, how is it that I set everything up? I am not able to make the connection between the phone s
  10. Hello everyone! I am a new discoverer of the IVM Answering Attendant software and just generally new to the telephony world. Perhaps you guys can give me a bit of help. Honestly, I do not know if this software is exactly what I need, so I will start off by stating my needs. I would like to implement some sort of answering service for my church that allows for multiple voice mail inboxes. Please see the following example call. ---------- Caller: *Dials phone number* Answering Attendant: Thank you for calling xxxx church. To reach the pastor, please press 1. For information a
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