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  1. Just wanted to close this post with a follow up. Everything went well and thanks again!
  2. Cool! Okay, what I think you are trying to say is that you actually have to "MANUALLY" type ".mp3" into the file name. If that is true, no wonder it is so difficult. I will relay the post/information. Again, thanks a lot and will let you know how it works.
  3. Thanks a lot, I appreciate your reply. I think if you where able to, when you got a chance, post a couple screen shots of the process, that would be great. If I can understand the process through the screen shots WITHOUT having a mac, then it should be that much easier for someone WITH a mac, to understand the process through the screen shots.
  4. I do appreciate your reply, but I am afraid that I am looking for something a little bit more concrete. Have you actually had success yet doing it this way? This is hard for me because I am not actually the one with the Mac, so I can't experiment, but just relay your response.
  5. I think that the Topic Title and Topic Description cover everything, but just in case, here goes. I don't have a Mac computer, so I am not familiar with how to save an audio file as an mp3 file on a mac. I was instructing someone how to use WavePad, but because of the major differences in how Mac and Windows work, I don't know how to, or how to explain how to, save an audio file in mp3 format, using a Mac. It appears Mac and Windows work the same when it comes to defaulting the sound file to ".wav" when it is time to save the file. However, in Windows, all one has to do to change the file format, is to "save as" and a small widow opens up and gives you all the options for the saving formats. From the look of desktop pictures sent, this does not appear to be the case with a Mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and God bless, Timothy P.S. I will attach a "before" and "after" picture to show what the Mac looks like when the "save as" option is toggled to open up the sub-window (if this arrow to the right of "save as" was toggled in Windows, that would normally open up options to change the sound format and your choices would be as plain as day).
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