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  1. This becomes a problem when I have 2 tracks called track 1(one on the ripper and one on the computer), in this case if i want to send the file from ripper to computer, I have to write over the old track 1 in order to send the new track 1, this sucks! I want to keep all of my music files. My question is: Is there anyway to rename the track?
  2. Soundtap labels songs by date of stream and a 6 digit number, so I don't know what song it is or what show it is from! The only difference between songs is a different 6 digit number after the date of stream. I don't even use the software anymore because of this reason, its too much of a hassle! So my question is how can I get the software to at least name the show its from so I can easily distinguish one show from another one without having to test listen to files or keep records of various 6 digit numbers? I transfer files by complete show ie... I left click on the first song then left c
  3. because I don't know what to put in for 'program version' and where it says help/about is not a link and I can't find the 'help' link!? So i can't complete the form and therefore can't email!
  4. I downloaded the free version and it is all I need but it appears to be expiring in a few days? I have no need for plus, unless I can't convert to the mp3 format without plus. So far everything works great except for the time limit. My question is this. Do I need to purchase plus in order to continue ripping CD's? Because the free version works fine for my needs and I have already purchased SoundTap.
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