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  1. Ok ive tried out express scribe version 4.05 and version 4.23 (or whatever the latest version is) We have a file that has been tried on 3 different computers and all three work fine but it still wont play on this girls computer. I have went to the link in other posts and got the dss32.exe file and it still doesnt fix it. Also we have tried the K-lite codec file and it doesnt work either. Also we cant convert the file to MP3 because it doesnt recognize the .dss file type either. Any other suggestions other than reinstalling windows?
  2. Ok I have a lady that im trying to get dss files to work on her computer. I have tried the latest Express scribe and 4.05 as well. We have downloaded and redownloaded these files as well. And we have tried these Voice files on 3 other computers and they work just fine. If anyone can help me out please do.
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