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  1. Hey, thanks very much. I've been using a 10 second setting--long enough for my purposes, but we have the same idea anyway. A quick question about Easy Audio Cutter: I thought only the trial version was free. Where did you get it? Thanks.
  2. Sound Tap seems very easy to use, but I would like to know when breaks in a streaming audio might become an issue - If I'm recording a stream that might have a few moments of silence--dramatic pauses--and I'd like to record continuously through those breaks would I be better off selecting "Ignore breaks in audio streams"? And if so what should I set for "Ignore breaks shorter than (milliseconds)"? Thanks very much.
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    Dude, there're easier ways to rip audio from DVD files. Much easier ways. Suggest you go to videohelp.com for help on this topic. But let me give you my $.02 guide to Virtual Dub Mod. 1) File-open video file 2) Streams-select stream list 3) Available Streams-select save WAV for WAV audio or select demux to save an MP3. Virtual Dub Mod is free and you'll notice much faster results than real time extraction of audio.
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