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  1. Trial and error here honestly is what I've found works best. When I record with Debut, I do so at the more raw format possible, Microsoft Video 1 and PCM audio. Its a huge file but looks wonderful. Then I use Prisim to downvert to the MPEG4 and MP3 native settings. I do this because some of the things I want to record get a better frame rate with the MV1 and PCM encoders. Its an extra step, but it works well for me. Then I can delete the huge avi (10 minutes roughly equals 1 gig), and keep the converted avi which comes it at around 20% of that size. Hope that helps. If not, let m
  2. (Here's the letter I was going to send to tech support till they wanted me to pay for it I got this software cause it was freeware, so I just copied it) My question is with frame rate. When I first downloaded this software and used it, I was amazed at the small program size, small output file size, but still the amazing quality I got with a high frame rate, it averaged at about 28fps. However, lately when I've been using the program I've been getting dreadfully poor frame rate 12fps or less usually. I have not installed anything new, nothing is running at the same time as Debu
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