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  1. Yes it works but it takes a bit of extra effort - what you do is type in Scribe's very low grade tablet then copy paste to Word doc. the main issue BTW with the 4.05 ver. is that you can't you keyboard shortcuts while at the same time working in a regular MS Word doc. the only way to activate shortcuts is by switching windows to the scribe window and THAT is a major big hassle. please can you fellows fix this. thanks Prof. K
  2. on Mac OSX (10.4.11) using Express scribe 4.05 I find when writing a file in Word that when i need to stop or start (using keyboard shortcuts) I must put cursor in the scribe window to make these functions active - this is quite dfifferent from what i have done in Windows XP where I can type and use keyborard short-cuts with scribe in background. any help would be most appreciated. thanks
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