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  1. Hi, Have got a problem with Filefort (not actually filefort being the problem) in that our ISP (BT Internet - in the uk), resets it's DNS overnight and this causes our router to loose it's connection to the web and therefore filefort drops it's connection with our Host provider where it stores the data. Does anyone know if we can change a setting on Filefort to allow it to resume the backups? as failed backups leave a temp file on the drive and if this happens a few times, it fills the hard drive space up. Thanks in advance Richard.
  2. Hi, I have a little problem with File Fort (V2.03) in that it doesnt want to back up the file to the ftp server. It goes through the motions and makes the bkf file but when it tries to upload it, it just spends an hour, then fails. Any ideas? Thanks Richard
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