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  1. No help, the audio is crucial to my application ... but ty, tyvm.
  2. One further note ... I ditched Network Magic. I was testing that as an option for my clients. I found that it's a do-able option for people who can't be bothered with basic networking, but for my purpose it's an unacceptable resource hog. A straight-up network config & the faster machine helped a lot. Thanks again.
  3. Please excuse the lag, if I got email notifying me of the replies I missed it. Upgrading the hardware helped a lot, & I'm planning to try it with the very best 32-bit machine I can build. I'm expecting it to be much better at that point. The 600MHz PIII with ½ a gig of RAM just wasn’t getting it done. The camera does still "stall" a bit between files, but now it's just a second or two as it finishes writing the old file & starts the new file. I record 15-minute clips so that the files of interest won't be big huge files. Along that line ... if the program can be set to star
  4. So much for netiquette ... pfft. ... & for the NCH Software Support Forums "team" ... one boneheaded "reply" after more than 4 months with absolutely nothing from the so-called "team" is inspiring zero interest in your commercial software titles. I'm running the camera on a 2.4GHz P4 now, still w/ W2k Pro (leaner, meaner & faster) but it's got a gig of RAM, ATA133 drives, etc. It's a very snappy computer that runs everything else I can throw at it just fine, but I'm still having audio/video sync issues. Be aware ... people actually will pay for software, but in a world that
  5. I'm using Debut with a webcam as a security DVR & am having trouble with unsynchronized audio. On playback the audio seems to run ahead of the video & often just ends after 10 minutes or so, or after around 2/3 of a 15 minute clip. Also, to keep file sizes manageable I'm stopping & restarting the camera every 15 minutes. The camera often stalls for as long as 3 minutes between files ... not 3 frames or 3 seconds & 30 frames or so, but for as much as 3 minutes. The timer will come up to the 15 minute limit & recording will stop (the time stamp & audio level indicator
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