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  1. No help, the audio is crucial to my application ... but ty, tyvm.
  2. One further note ... I ditched Network Magic. I was testing that as an option for my clients. I found that it's a do-able option for people who can't be bothered with basic networking, but for my purpose it's an unacceptable resource hog. A straight-up network config & the faster machine helped a lot. Thanks again.
  3. Please excuse the lag, if I got email notifying me of the replies I missed it. Upgrading the hardware helped a lot, & I'm planning to try it with the very best 32-bit machine I can build. I'm expecting it to be much better at that point. The 600MHz PIII with ½ a gig of RAM just wasn’t getting it done. The camera does still "stall" a bit between files, but now it's just a second or two as it finishes writing the old file & starts the new file. I record 15-minute clips so that the files of interest won't be big huge files. Along that line ... if the program can be set to start the new file on schedule, & finish writing the old one as resources permit, that oughta do it. I'm not a programmer, I'm a hardware guy (I run a non-profit computer recycling op), so if this is impossibly stupid please just try to overlook my ignorance. I don't use any of the transmit features, here's the process that I do use ... 1) I let the camera run & when things of interest happen I note the time stamps for "keeper" files on index cards ... I'm also occasionally asked by the police if I have anything for a given date & time. In that case we'll check it out as they stand here in my office, & as often as not they leave with a CD or a flash drive & a couple of files. I always access the DVR box from another machine on the LAN. This way the DVR box's resources are largely reserved for the camera. 2) When I get up in the morning I reach out across the LAN from a "processing" box & pack all of the previous day's files into a winrar archive file. This preserves the file creation date & time for each file, & that archiving process runs while I'm at work. 3) When I get home in the evening I move the individual "keepers" to a Keepers folder & delete the rest (keeping the winrar archive & the "keepers". 4) Every other day, & still working from across the LAN with the "processing" box, I burn 2 days (2 packed-up day files) to a DVD blank, then delete the day files that've been burned. 5) Still reaching out to the DVR box from the "processing" box, I burn the Keepers folder when it's close to, but still less than 4.3 GB. This occurs more or less weekly. 6) I do occasionally show the results to the police upon request, or when I feel that they (police/prosecutor/mayor/etc) need to be reminded of what the world will see if they fail to control the knuckleheads that are inspiring all of this to begin with. And FYI ... it's working ... for the most part the knuckleheads are at least trying to keep said heads down low & seem to be taking their worst elsewhere. I'll try the beta ASAP. Thanks
  4. So much for netiquette ... pfft. ... & for the NCH Software Support Forums "team" ... one boneheaded "reply" after more than 4 months with absolutely nothing from the so-called "team" is inspiring zero interest in your commercial software titles. I'm running the camera on a 2.4GHz P4 now, still w/ W2k Pro (leaner, meaner & faster) but it's got a gig of RAM, ATA133 drives, etc. It's a very snappy computer that runs everything else I can throw at it just fine, but I'm still having audio/video sync issues. Be aware ... people actually will pay for software, but in a world that's bloated with crap code it's wise to test & troubleshoot first. It's a shareware thing ... try before you buy, & I'm seeing no reason to buy.
  5. I'm using Debut with a webcam as a security DVR & am having trouble with unsynchronized audio. On playback the audio seems to run ahead of the video & often just ends after 10 minutes or so, or after around 2/3 of a 15 minute clip. Also, to keep file sizes manageable I'm stopping & restarting the camera every 15 minutes. The camera often stalls for as long as 3 minutes between files ... not 3 frames or 3 seconds & 30 frames or so, but for as much as 3 minutes. The timer will come up to the 15 minute limit & recording will stop (the time stamp & audio level indicator stop running), & then the PC just sits there with the activety light flashing & the hard drive churning away on who knows what. Of course in a security/evidentiary application these are serious problems. I need to resolve them if police & prosecutors are going to take what I'm recording seriously instead of using the quality of the video as yet another excuse for failing to do their jobs. I'm sure that the PC I'm running it on is inadequate, but it does run well with other applications, & I'm using the machine as a dedicated DVR ... there are no other significant demands for resources. Can anyone suggest settings that might help ? Thanks ... Debut Video Recorder v1.32 Basic Settings: Windows Media Video 9 256kb/s @ 320 x 240 Windows Media Audio 9 Voice 22kb/s, 22KHz mono Dimension 4 Version - time Sync, 6 checks per hour - PC clock loses seconds per hour without it. Network Magic 4.5.7228.0 - camera is on a dedicated box, networked for time sync, file packing, burning & storage of files. Zone Alarm v7.0.483.000 - running lean without real-time monitoring, etc ... just program access controls. Logitech USB Mic Logitech USB QuickCam Express USB2 Card (PCI, 4 ports - onboard ports are USB1, camera & mic are both USB1 devices plugged into the USB2 card) BIOS Date: 03/10/99 BIOS Type: COMPAQ Computer Corporation 1982,99****é BIOS ID: Compaq 0620h BIOS Version: 686J1 v3.10 OEM Sign-On: None Chipset: Intel Whitney 82810E rev 3 Superio: SMC LPC47B34x rev 4 found at port 2Eh OS: Win2000 SP4 CPU: Pentium® III processor 600E MHz 600 Mhz MAX: 1000 Mhz BIOS ROM In Socket: No BIOS ROM Size: 512K Memory Installed: 512 MB Memory Maximum: 512 MB Memory Slot 01: 256 MB Memory Slot 02: 256 MB Page File : 364MB-1536MB Page File : 1178MB (current size)
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