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  1. Dear reader of LCH, Please give me an answer about this topic Cor
  2. corelsje


    Hello, this is Cor again, I've forgotten to say I use WINDOWS 2000, LCH please give me an answer. Cor
  3. I have the same problem with WINDOWS 2000. See my writing in this forum. Cor.
  4. corelsje


    Hello anybody, I'have the same problem as "Keithjl", a problem with STEREO. To convert midi to MP3 I don't use the SSFC (LCH) because of a problem with choosing output file (see also the SSFC-Forum). I play midi in the Windows Media Player and at the same time I use your Record Pad to record it. Via options I choosed MP3 and Stereo. However the (small) main screen of R.P. incists to show "joint". Before recording the speakersound (output sound card) is stereo, with recording is becomes ONLY right. And level-display on the mainscreen shows: Left: tickes R: good signal + ticks. With pla
  5. Hello, I have the same problem with the SSFCP, version 1.42 in Windows 2000, greetings, Cor
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