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  1. I just purchased the WavePad Masters Edition and have been very pleased with its capabilities even though I know almost nothing about audio technology or its terminology. I have purchased an Olympus Audio Digital Recorder and use WavePad for editing recorded events, talks, sermons, lectures, etc. Through trial and error I have learned the basics of editing. I will have some more technical questions later with respect to noise reduction (chirping, garbling, etc), echo removal (if possible), the existence of tutorials for sound newbies, etc. My most serious problem right now is that when I load WavePad in Windows XP Home Edition, the screen momentarily turns black and then loads, but at an 8 bit screen resolution. I can go to Control Panel, Display, and change to 32 bit and then everything is OK. When I attempt to load WavePad's "toolbox", the screen turns black again, a popup window opens, but nothing else happens. No tools appear. And the screen resolution goes to 8 bit again. My computer has a 1.6ghz. processor, 1gb of RAM, and a fairly old HP D2835 Ultra VGA 1280 17" monitor. Is there something I can do to eliminate these problems? Thanks in advance for your help. I love these help forums. Ray Marshall, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  2. I've just downloaded Fling and am attempting to get it going. I have a server and a directory that works. How do I set the username and password that it requires? Thanks in advance for your help. Ray Marshall Minneapolis, Minnesota
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