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  1. I'm having same problem!!!!!. I was able to test this software in Windows and it worked pretty well with issue of not being able to dial out via HT503 on Vonage line. But I prefer to run this on linux OpenSUSE 11.0 so am trying to get it working. I would like to know how to edit these files manually as well. I was able to get most of this to work by experimentation with manual entries on the files. But I made the MISTAKE of using the WEB INTERFACE to add a second external line. When I chose save this it messed up the configuration files somehow. I will have to attempt to determine what I did but now cannot register with CallCentric. So I'm back to figuring out what got changed by saving the configs. It would be great of someone at NCH would at least let us know where we can get examples of how to manually create and edit the config files.
  2. I had this problem with HT503 it is usually from a conflict in the ports assigned for FXS and FXO. Reset button does not fix it (so much for the button). Device can be recovered by using a telnet client and then telnet to the last IP you used for it. Once there QUICKLY enter the password then at the prompt type RESET and depress enter. You will now get the factory reset that should have happened with the reset button. You may then reconfigure and be certain to verify that there are no confilicts between the ports. FXS and FXO CANNOT use the same port e.g. 5060 or 5062. At least that's how I got mine working again.
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