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  1. i have since found that the audio source that was on my video from my digital camera, was to loud, and was causing vibrations on my camera speakers. do you think this would help? if you think so, where would i find it? i do not see in downloads here. have you ever used it? how does it work? thanks a lot for the replies.
  2. sorry, that is SSb, i see that when i go to add my second backup file to my 1st progra. it does not recognised that. geeee, i must be doing something wrong, i just do not know what.
  3. i see nothing about an SST format. when i make a program, and back it up, it is backed up in an SSt format. when i go to open that program in everything on my computer, it does not recognise it. even when i go to open it in the programs i installed with photostage, it is not recognised. i found all this out when i am trying to find a way to put more than 1 song into a program in my photostage. i hope i am being clear with my problem, and hope someone can help me with all this. thanks, Jimmy
  4. I thank you for your reply. i managed to change around now, with the 3 video segments i have, by deleting the sound, and adding another song into the corrupt one. now, each time i would make my program with 1 video, with sound and all blanks, for headings, i would go and try another video, and when i would instal it, the 1st one would go. same with the 3rd on. i can never get all three videos into 1 program to burn to dvd, nothing recognises to convert or anything with the other programs i have, like, studio 10, sonic, image burn, nor dvd shrink. can you help me with that? thanks, Jimmy
  5. I recorded a video with my digital camera, and the sound, (music) was horrible. i have since found that i was recording to close to the music, and was a corrupted sound. my question is, can i do anything to this corrupted sound to make it sound better? hope you can help me with this, for, it was a wedding, and i have 3 of these corrupted videos. thank you, Jimmy
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