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  1. My previous issues were with release 1.50 nchaj told me about the new release 1.52 I installed it and it worked straight away and hasn't missed a beat since Thanks heaps nchaj
  2. Hi nchaj thanks for the reply it is having the same problem for every and any CD since registering and yes, also same problem with previously ripped CDs
  3. When I purchased Express Rip I didn't buy the support option because I had successfully ripped 87 CDs with the trial version and it worked great. So obviously I thought why spend the extra $8 when the software does exactly what I need and I know how to operate it? Because it worked so well, I bought and registered the software and now over about a 5 hour period trying everything I possibly can, it does not work anymore - it does not produce any files I put in a retail CD and it comes back with a completely different track list (not for every CD though and I never had this problem with
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