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  1. OK... that was a typo, I did in fact use the %filepath% variable. However, I will try surrounding it in "" instead of ``. Thanks for the tip.
  2. I would like to get Express Dictate to send using putty (pscp.exe), however, I cannot get it to work on my client's computers. I tried the following line for the run command: c:\putty\pscp.exe `%filepath` <user>@server\: And a number of other combinations such as: c:\putty\pscp.exe %filepath <user>@server: I managed to get this working on my vista laptop, however, it gave me this same sort of grief the first time I tried getting it working. Since that first attempt, I left it for a few days and then it just sort of magically "worked". I also am quite confused as to why the program "sometimes" gives me an error message when send fails to execute the external program and other times just simply fails silently.
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