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  1. This seriously sounds like it's more of an issue with Flash player. I may be able to help if that is the case but in any event it would be useful in solving your problem if you could provide samples along with which version of Flash player you are using and make sure you're using the latest version of Switch.
  2. The Lame Mp3 encoder automatically uses the sample rate of 22500 for files between 32-64 kbps (or somewhere around those bitrate levels). I'm pretty sure that if you want to it is possible to force the command line encoder to use the 44100 sample rate it's possible but NCH more than likely allowed sample rates in Switch to be defined automatically for user friendliness. You'll more than likely notice high pitched sounds relayed or some light static on playback if you attmpt to force 44100Hz on low bitrate files in Mp3 anyway. The simple fact of the matter is that for bitrates that low, a
  3. There really isn't any 'best' choice for compressing to Mp3, the only advice I can give you is that you basically need to play around with the format of your choice to familiarise yourself with settings and then use the ones that best compromise for quality and filesize in your output.
  4. KMoth

    volume level!

    This method will still clip... It really isn't possible to enhance volume and not have to deal with clipping. Clips are always going to happen eventually under any circumstances if the volume is set to a loud volume.
  5. Hi, ronron. The RTTTL ringtone format is only capable of producing simple beep (monophonic) ringtones, sadly Mp3 or any other digital audio sound files cannot be converted to that particular format because RTTTL simply just isn't capable of producing 'realistic' sounds, only consecutive tones and beeps.
  6. Ok, my friend... It seems you are caught in quite a problematic situation at the moment. Just before I go on with suggesting any solutions for you I'll need to explain a few things... Digital audio information (music) is kept on CD's in a format that can't be read by computers because it contains a lot of gibber that isn't really necessary to be seen, it can however be played back when you select to open a CDA file... It is VERY important to know that a CDA file itself only acts as a pointer to a location on the disc and doesn't actually contain any music. Copying this file to your hard
  7. Switch won't be able to perform this operation.
  8. You're not doing anything wrong it's just that Switch is not compatible with Real Audio files. It cannot convert to or from them. You can find a detailed list of the formats Switch supports and can convert to and from here.
  9. If you can get the file on to your computer you'll most likely be in luck, if not then unfortunately you won't be able to convert it with your phone. What format is the ringtone? Switch itself can't perform conversions to MMF but the good thing is that Switch will be very helpful in creating the MMF files you'll need. I wrote a small explanation of how you could go about trying to convert the file if it is compatible with Switch. You can check detailed information on the file formats Switch supports here. _____________________________________ This file is the official tool released b
  10. It wouldn't even save you three seconds if there was a way...
  11. Maybe here? http://www.nch.com.au/switch/support.html Switch really does overall have so many functions and switches that you really need to have a general idea of what you're trying to do before you go to begin converting audio files. The best way for us to provide a step by step process would be to tell us what it is you're trying to do so we can show you how to best go about achieving that aim. Once you've used Switch once you should be able to adaptively tell what switches do what and what seperate selections will mean. What is it you're trying to do, friend?
  12. I'd definitely advise to use the Free version over the Plus Trial if you can't purchase Plus for the extended time you can use it. What happens if you select to a bitrate over 128 in Switch Free? With your WMA problem... Switch supports conversion from WMA files using DirectX but doesn't encode to WMA so converting to Mp3 is probably the best option here and especially a better choice when it comes to compatibility.
  13. If you at all have the oppurtunity, first off, it would be a much better idea to re-rip the files straight to Mp3 rather than to convert from WMA to Mp3 but if you need to do that then you could try a reinstall of Switch.
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